2020 Breeding Contract

Regular price $2,000.00


Breeding fee entitles the Mare Owner with up to 4 (four) doses of semen, shipped on a per cycle basis at 2 (two) doses per cycle.  Additional doses of semen may be purchased for a fee of $250.00 (US Dollars) per insemination dose. Purchase of a maximum number of 2 (two) additional doses is allowed within the term of this Agreement.  A “dose” is defined as a single insemination unit (8 x 0.5 mL straws).  

Mare Owner is responsible for all shipping, tank rental, and handling fees associated with delivery of semen and timely return of the shipping container.  The first shipment is included in breeding fee and each additional shipment is $350 with included return shipment label to: 

Santa Rosa Equine | 5664 FM Rd 925 S | Vernon, TX 76384 | (940) 839-1969